PitMiner is a simple but powerful product, designed to meet the needs of medical specialists and researchers by providing fast and accurate interrogation of the reports database.

PitMiner allows the user to perform text based searches against their local clinical report repository via an intuitive user interface. The results are available for review immediately, or can be stored as a user definable project for later use. In addition to free text searches, key attributes, such as modality, sex and age, can be used to filter results to meet research requirements.

Search results are presented to allow effective assessment of the report’s relevance to the research work.
PitMiner allows researchers to harness the rich repository of clinical data, built up over years of diagnostic reporting, without the need to understand the database structure or the use of complex queries.

Pitminer search results are presented with snippets from the report, highlighting the context of where the word was found
within the report. The full report can be viewed within the result page for ease of assessment.

Detailed search criteria can be easily specified to meet research requirements.
Text Based Searches
PitMiner supports text searches within reports stored in the clinical repository. Searches can be narrowed using terms that need to appear within the report. For example “carcinoma” or “thoracic”. Text searches can be defined against:

• Report text
• Reason for Study text
• Study Description text

Any combination of these can be used for text searches, and Boolean logic can be
applied to perform searches with multiple terms or to exclude terms within the

Attribute Searches
Attributes can be used for filtering the reports to be used in the text search. The attributes that can be used for searching are:

• Sex (Male or Female)
• Age ( greater than, less than or between )
• Modality (multi-selection)
• Study Date (earlier than, later than or between)


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